These are some of the comments that clients have kindly submitted following their sessions with Brighter Futures Counselling.

All reviews have been made anonymously

I just wanted to say a really big thank you and thank you for all you have done for me, it has helped me more than you know
Counselling has helped me greatly in the last few months. I was in a very low place both in work and in my personal life and I did not know how to address this. Acknowledging that I needed some help was the first step and reaching out really put in perspective that I needed help.

Counselling allowed me to talk to someone outside my personal situation and find ways to address my feelings and life events in a safe environment. Through six sessions I learned several coping mechanisms and I am now in a much better place.
After a particularly traumatic and stressful time, I heard of Angie and gave her a call. She put me at ease from the first phone call and made going to see her much less daunting. After a series of sessions Angie has made me see things more clearly and alleviate the stress I was experiencing.

Life is so much easier now and I am managing to put everything behind me and start a fresh. She approaches her sessions with a very warm and professional attitude and makes the time she spends with you very comfortable indeed. I cannot recommend her enough.
When I first met Angie I was quite low I had just been told I had to repeat a year in Uni which meant my best friend was in a diff year to me. I felt lost and alone! My self confidence had hit rock bottom and I didn’t know how to get back to being me!

Step by step Angie showed me diff techniques to start to help build my confidence and to start believing in myself to become a stronger person! Looking back to see how far I have come in the past yr is incredible and I am so proud of myself for what I have achieved! I have just started my final yr in Uni and I will be graduating next July something that I wouldn’t have thought I would be saying this time 12 months ago! It is true anything is possible if someone is there to show you the right way!
My first experience with Angela has been a fabulous one, I’ve never been to counselling before but she has made it a very easy and relaxing one for me, I was able to open up to Angela, share my problems very easily, she did not judge me, I was comfortable with Angela.

She gave me good advice for me to take on board and only after 6 sessions I’m on the mend, can’t believe how far I’ve come in such a short period of time, I would definitely recommend Angela and want to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for all your time, effort and support you gave me, a job well done - thank you.
Angie is a caring and emphatic lady.

She put me at ease at our first meeting and over our subsequent seven sessions she facilitated a marked improvement in my self esteem. Highly recommended!
I experienced some personal difficulties with a work colleague. My employer was reluctant to put in place a resolution but did identify counselling as part of a solution. As circumstances made talking to friends and family difficult I took up the offer of counselling and Angie’s help was invaluable.

There are no magic solutions, but talking to someone who is happy to listen without judging and then provide impartial advice is both extremely helpful and comforting. I highly recommend this service to anyone who is experiencing difficulties.
A year after separation from my wife and children, I was really low, struggled to show emotion and had locked away all hurt and bad feeling inside, which was weighing heavily on me. Looking back on my own, I could not see what was wrong or what the cause of things going bad was, I had tried counselling before, but at no success to me, but I knew something had to change.

After one meeting with Angie, I realised that counselling could work for me and over the course of my meetings with her, I opened up, relaxed and talked about the causes of my previous feelings. There is a lot of negative thoughts around counselling and before I met Angie, I had those negative thoughts, but the benefits massively outweighed them and they soon went as I realised that they were just me holding back and locking emotion away. Thank you Angie
I was offered counselling by my employer as part of my ‘getting back to work’ programme when I was suffering from work related stress and anxiety. I took advantage of this as I’d had counselling during a previous bout of depression and found it surprisingly beneficial.

I had X6, 1 hour sessions, the first I attended not knowing what I was going to say but suddenly found the hour had gone and I hadn’t stopped talking. It was simply a release and a chance to get things off my chest. The remaining sessions were a bit of a rollercoaster, I got worse before I got better but by the end I’d managed to sort out the main causes of my stress and what I could do to manage them. Quite simply the sessions just gave me time to do this by talking things through with someone unaffected and impartial, things that I felt I couldn’t discuss with anyone else as I didn’t want to burden family and friends who have their own problems.

I would recommend counselling to anyone in a similar situation, it certainly helped me get back to normal and back to work sooner than I would have had I not had it.
I had been ignoring symptoms of depression, and anxiety for several months, the point came when I was completely burnt out and needed to take time off work. I felt lost and desperately wanted to get me and my life back. I was on a long waiting list with my GP for counselling. The hardest part of all this for me was asking for help, I contacted the employee assistance program available through my employer and was put in touch with Angie at Brighter Futures Counselling.

I was contacted within a few days and had my first appointment within a week, this was such a relief. I felt extremely anxious attending my first appointment; however, my counsellor was welcoming and friendly, the setting comfortable, informal and completely private. My counsellor gently encouraged and supported me, by the end of my first session I was surprised by how much we had covered. All of these factors gave me reassurance and I was confident I was with the right counsellor.

Counselling for me, was hard and an emotional, but well worth every minute. I never left a session without a feeling of positivity about the future and where I was going. Each week I saw an improvement in myself and my symptoms. I have learned so much about myself and how I deal with relationships, situations and emotions. My counsellor taught me how to consider my reactions and thoughts; this has enabled me to develop new coping mechanisms. I’m far more aware of my own needs and sense of self.

I’m very grateful to my Counsellor for being able to help me and I can highly recommend Brighter Futures to anyone looking for help and guidance through counselling.