Self-esteem is how you think and feel about yourself;  how much we like ourselves influences our well-being and happiness, our relationships and how we communicate in social situations, at home, school and at work. Low self-esteem can send negative thoughts about yourself spiraling out of control.


What are the signs of low self-esteem?                                                                                                 

  • feeling worthless
  • feeling incompetent and unrealistic about our abilities
  • feeling unloved
  • being overwhelmed with fear and negative thoughts
  • being unrealistic about goals
  • being drawn into negative relationships
  • putting others before ourselves
  • difficulty giving yourself any time for you or difficult to be on your own

How could Brighter Futures Counselling help?

By talking and recognising your negative thoughts about yourself, you can start to develop new beliefs about yourself, more positive, healthy ones. And through counselling you have the chance to experiment with your new beliefs and behaviours and can see what a difference it can make to your life and well-being. Counselling can build trust and acceptance in yourself. It can help you to learn to be proud of who you are.