Counselling for Depression and Low Mood

Depression and low mood is a common experience for us all, at some time or times in our life, especially when we experience loss, change and significant life changing events. However, for some people the symptoms of low mood such as lethargy, disturbed sleep, poor appetite or loss of sex drive can become prolonged and may start impacting negatively on relationships, work and our quality of life.

CBT and Mindfulness are both recognised treatments, recommended in the NICE guidelines and used extensively in the NHS. As an experienced CBT Counsellor and a Mindfulness trainer, Brighter Futures could help you make sense of your low mood and perhaps counselling might provide some strategies to help you overcome your difficulties.

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We're here to help you gain confidence in your difficult time. Talking to family and friends can be difficult, but it can help in situations like this. We understand that if it's an event that has affected your family, you may wish to talk to someone else. Brighter Future's Counselling is here to help you.