Anger is a healthy emotion. In fact, it is a normal physical reaction to threat and stress.  Often though, we find ourselves communicating our anger in destructive ways or ways which doesn’t help to resolve the difficulty. It keeps us going round and round in the same cycle.

Sometimes, if we are bottling up our anger or lashing out in inappropriate ways, anger can becomes a problem, especially when it starts harming you and those around you. It might start to have a negative impact on the close relationships around you or on your school grades or your work performance.

This can have devastating consequences in the longer term. You may also find that you get angry more quickly or too often, sometimes at the smallest things.

Change is possible 

CBT can help to recognise and understand your triggers and empower you to discover different ways of communicating and getting your thoughts and feelings heard. Counselling also gives you the opportunity to explore the underlying issues of your anger. Counselling will also provide you with new strategies to cope with your triggers and will teach you how to change unhealthy anger into healthy, manageable anger.