Whether it’s alcohol, smoking or other substances, counselling can help identify the underlying factors  and it will also help you to identify patterns and thoughts and change your behaviour, so that the substance use becomes more manageable. 

Sometimes it feels difficult to cope with life’s problems and difficulties and we find ourselves using alcohol or other drugs to help us cope, block out emotions, help us sleep or to give us confidence.
However, drinking and other substances can become problematic if:

  • You are finding you are drinking to stop feeling shaky, anxious or sick
  • It is interfering or causing problems in your relationship
  • You are forgetting things or blanking out
  • Or maybe you feel that you are using substances too much as a switch off or reward and you are becoming emotionally reliant on it.

Whatever the pattern, counselling can support you to recognise the underlying issues around your drinking or substance use and help you to make whatever changes you feel are right for you.

There are specialist services locally that can also help, especially if your alcohol or substance use is a physical dependence.



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