Counselling for Depression and Low Mood




Counselling for Stress


Whether it’s alcohol, smoking or other substances, counselling can help identify the underlying factors  and it will also help you to identify patterns and thoughts and change your behaviour, so that the substance use becomes more manageable. 


Help Dealing with Bereavement & Loss

Low Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is how you think and feel about yourself;  how much we like ourselves influences our well-being and happiness, our relationships and how we communicate in social situations, at home, school and at work. Low self-esteem can send negative thoughts about yourself spiraling out of control.


*Anger is a healthy emotion. In fact, it is a normal physical reaction to threat and stress.  Often though, we find ourselves communicating our anger in destructive ways or ways which doesn’t help to resolve the difficulty. It keeps us going round and round in the same cycle.*

PTSD & Trauma

*Any traumatic event in which the person’s life, or integrated sense of self, can cause a post traumatic stress reaction.*


If you have suffered some form of abuse in your childhood or have experienced assault or rape as an adult, it is likely that you may be experiencing emotional difficulties.